"Monkey and Bear" (Short Version)

The first part of an animation film I am working on.
Warning! It might take a while to load. Large HD Format 80MB.


Taxi is a exploration of a dreamlike space in my head.
Music is made by my very talented friend Sage Lewis. Voice by Sara Pocock.

"The Elephant in Wonderland" HD Remix!

"The Elephant in Wonderland"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang (with Sara Pocock's help) Length: 02:08
Music Bad Day by Linda Purdy from Pirates & Cowboys.

This is a 24 frames animation loop done within 3 days.
I put a lot of little actions in each frame to creat a child's dream like world.
Most of these characters are designed by me when I was 3 or 4 years old. I am glad to see them comeback.

"Kong Fu Aras"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 01:30

This lighthearted 3D piece displays my abilities as an animator and a 3D artist in a very standard way.
My main motivation was to make people want to laugh, so I focused on timing and character more than anything else.
My intention here was not experimentation, but standard character animation to obtain a certain reaction from my viewers.

"Weekend 2"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 00:30

This is my first work in which I have attempted, as an artist, to deal with heavy subject matter and address
a serious issue which concerns me. Inspired by the French New Wave film Weekend, directed by Jean Luc Godard,
this animation is partly my reaction to my cousin’s recent suicide. In Weekend 2, the concrete ground represents
the industrialization of nature: not even the wiry grass can grow.
In Chinese culture, a child’s death is the worst kind of tragedy and reflects careless, inattentive parenting.
This child’s death is a result of the irresponsibility of society; how long will it take, in the light of recent social and political events,
until this kind of catastrophic event becomes commonplace? The staging of the subjects in the piece is also significant.
The number 4 in Chinese is a very unlucky number, similar to the number 13 in Western culture.
It signifies death, which is apparent here because of the dead girl and also because of the crows. In the frame, the girl appears at the top,
the number 4 in the middle, and the gasoline at the bottom. In the Chinese way of reading, from top to bottom, this signifies “Death 4 gasoline.”
The angle and shakiness of the camera is meant to give the audience a sense of discomfort.

"Smoker not for kids"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 00:35

A parody of public service announcements, this animation sends warnings on such an extremity that the original message is all but lost.
Rather then sound preachy, this over-the-top message to stop smoking instead takes the route of the extreme grotesque.
It sends the message that if you smoke, you will become a skeleton in a wheelchair who has lost control of your bladder and bowel movements.
This message is intentionally ridiculous, to emphasize the warning tone I get from TV public service announcements.

"Bird and girl"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 01:10

This 2D hand-drawn animation focuses on opposites. The piece starts off with two stereotypical characters,
both of which undergo a dynamic change to reveal qualities completely unexpected of their archetypes.
The piece as a whole then drastically switches from existing as a plain narrative to revealing itself as a commercial.
Not for an animation, but for a game (albeit a fake one). It is no longer simply a work to be shown to passive viewers,
but interactive, with first person views and a beckoning to consume at the end.

"Pink vs Pink"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation(parts) by Ke Jiang Length: 03:10

This abstract piece began as an experiment with intentionally “bad rigging.”
I obtained standard character animations created by several beginning 3D animation students from
a simple exercise and experimented with texture and rigging to create a more surreal piece. It is the tone and mood of this piece that I emphasized.
Just as expressionist and cubist paintings are an extension of classical realism in the oil paint realm, Pink vs Pink is an extension of classic character animation.

"girl bot CG prank"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 02:30

I used unconventional anit-narrative editing and recycling of footage to create a nonstandard vein of humor.
I have discovered that humor often comes from the awkward instead of the perfected, and actively pursued every strange and amateurish style of editing
I could think of to create a fun, whimsical piece. For instance, I ended up using throwaway, test lines from my voice actor instead of the actual planned lines.
This short has been selected by the local chapter of Siggraph in 2004.

"Super B Project (to be continued)"

Directing, Character model Creation, Set Building and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 04:35

This piece, one of my earliest works, is a visual representation of my reflections of American culture after my relatively short time in the society.
I emphasized pop culture, as it is the aspect of American society I have most easily embraced.
The stop motion animation was created in stream of consciousness style, so I neglected narrative in favor of isolated thoughts and impressions.

"Battle royale"

Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 00:35

A school project about making an animation to pre-recorded audio.


Directing, Character Creation and Animation by Ke Jiang Length: 02:30

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