This is my Archive Site for my old work prior to 2013.
I have become increasingly more active on instagram for the past 3 years.

Click my face icon below to see what "AutoKite"(me) is up to.

I made some animations for some friends worked with me at disney


What have I done all these years...?


If you still got that pair of red/blue 3D glasses lying around,
here is "3D" animation footage from monkey and bear.

Are you ready for more?

I just discovered this old Site I created as
a homework assignment way back when I was studying at MCAD
(Minneapolis College of Art and Design).
Warning: Contains Extremely Wierd Objects. Click the image to enter at your own risk.

It was fun for me to revisit... I hope you enjoy it too.

Just finished a very special episode of "Adventure Time"
Make sure check it out on Cartoon Network when it airs on TV.

It will air on Cartoon Network 8pm Monday Feb 21. In the meantime,
If you got a pair of red/blue 3D glasses lying around,again,
You shall click to the "hidden dimension"!

Are you ready for more?

If you got a pair of red/blue 3D glasses lying around,
you can click to see "3D" monkey and bear.

Are you ready for more?

Here are some 2D character sprites I did recently.


This is the "Monkey and Bear Short".
The first part of an animation film I am working on.
Warning! It might take a while to load. Large HD Format 80MB.


"The Elephant in Wonderland" HD Remix!


I made a new film! "Taxi"


New updates! My Modeling Reel 2008:


Here are some updates on the "work in progress" done with Zbrush 3.

More updates coming soon.

I have been doing some High-poly Modeling recently.
Here are some work in progress.

There will be more updates coming soon.

Today I upload my Design Modeling and Texturing Samples page.

Go check them out if you're interested.

Here is the final version of my animation
"Todo Los Dolores"
Music by Devendra Banhart.

I also update my resume.

I made an animation reel recently.
It contains most of my Calarts works:
"Ke Jiang's Animation 2006-2007"

I will update each of those works later.

This is from a new animation short I am working on rightnow.
The song is called:
"Todo Los Dolores"
It's from one of my favorit musician Devendra Banhart.


I made a 1920 X 1200 wallpaper drawing today.


I am modeling a character with Maya Sub-D.
Here is the work in progress:


Here it is! My first calarts animation piece:

"The Elephant in Wonderland"

With Sara's help, this is a 24 frames animation loop done within 3 days.
The music Bad Day is done by Linda Purdy from Pirates & Cowboys 10.20.2006

I think I need update more often...

Here is a little thing I made to learn animated GIF icon. 05.20.2006

I recently did an illustration for a magazine cover.
The idea was to imitate a variety of famous characters
throughout the history of Japanese Anime.
Take a close look and guess which characters I "ripped off." 02.27.2006


I just captured 5 minutes live footages from Ke Jiang 3D Gallery today. 26.10.2005
You can watch it here.

I upload one of my old animation "Pink vs Pink" at here! 11.10.2005
A lot of people at school helped me on this piece...

Today I opened a message board by using "" at here! 25.08.2005

"Ke Jiang's 3D Gallery Demo" Version 0.9 is ready to download at here! 25.07.2005

Welcome! New Ke Jiang 3D Demo Poster, enjoy.

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